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O U R   S E R V I C E S

 S O M E   P E O P L E   D R E A M   O F   S U C C E S S.   W E   C A N  H E L P  Y O U  G E T  T H E R E.

Our CPAs and accountants have extensive experience preparing and filing thousands of individual taxes.  We are prefectly capable of helping with your simple and complex tax issues and situations.  


 We believe giving you peace of mind and getting you the maximum refund can only come from working with experienced tax professionals.

We understand you have a business to run and should not  worry about managing your tax requirements and staying compliant with complicated IRS rules.


Our firm can help you navigate the unique tax requirements that come with running an organization. Our CPAs and accountants have decades of experience and offer you guidance and advice with the goal to make you and your business succeed.

We provide advanced income tax strategies and tax planning for closely-held corporations and its principal shareholders; and individuals to assure that the lowest possible tax liability can be achieved.


Tax planning goes on throughout the year and covers not only advising clients on the tax effect of unusual transactions but also routine operations, methods of organization and estate planning. 


For a typical client, we would design and assist in the implementation of financial and accounting systems to assure that management has the necessary information available to run the organization.

 While a very simple system is adequate for a small organization, as it grows and the management moves further away from day-to-day operations, more informative systems are required.

Never face IRS alone.  We provide you with expert representation and effective audit defense that you need.


When you are contacted by the IRS or any state taxing agency, our trained tax professionals will call or meet with them to defend and represent you. We review your tax return and documentation for any problems, schedule and attend all audit appointments, handle all audit correspondence and provide assistance with allother notices and letters.

In addition to Tax Planning and Preparation, we prepare reviewed financial statements for our client companies on an annual basis.


In addition, throughout the year, we assist our client's management and/or the Accounting or Bookkeeping department in the methods for recording unusual transactions.


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2015 Income Tax Deadline

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